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The credit bureau self-information explained briefly

The “Protection community for general credit protection” – better known as credit bureau – is the largest credit reference agency in Germany. With a credit bureau information companies want to determine the willingness to pay and creditworthiness of their potential contractors. credit bureau collects corresponding data about every consumer. But the stored data is not

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Bank loan loans vs. online loans

Do you stand and lack money, but do you have any doubt about where it is best to lend them? Read below and get good advice on what to look for. Depending on what you value most, searching for locations other than your bank can often be a good idea. In the end, you can

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Balloon financing: advantages and disadvantages

The balloon financing is a credit variant especially for the car purchase. It differs in some respects from classic leasing and is especially interesting for low-income earners. This is how balloon financing works Simply put, balloon financing is a type of loan that consists of low installments and a higher final installment of maturity. It

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